Press Release

October 7, 2020

Matrix Electronics Limited and KOLON Industries, Inc. enter into a North American Supply Agreement

Toronto, ON – October 7, 2020 — Matrix, the largest importer of raw materials to the North American Printed Circuit Board Industry, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Supply Agreement with KOLON Industries. Matrix will distribute KOLON’s Dry Film Resist and Imaging Products in Canada and USA commencing October 7th, 2020.

“We are delighted to announce our relationship with KOLON Industries, and are extremely motivated to provide Sales and Service support for their World Class Dry Film Products”, comments Kieran Healy, President of the Matrix Group of Companies. “Kolon is the market leader in PCB imaging technology and has significant market share in Korea and Japan. It is our intention to reacquaint every customer in North America with KOLON’s technical expertise”.

“KOLON’s Accuimage® is among the world’s highest resolution Dry Film Resist. It is capable of > 4:1 aspect ratios and Ultra-Resolution. Matrix is ready to serve its customers from any of our five (5) rapid response warehouses and we look forward to visiting our customer-partners, virtually or otherwise, over the next few months,” adds Bob Berg, Vice President of Sales.

“KOLON’s Accuimage® is the world’s highest resolution Dry Film Resist.”

About KOLON Industries, Inc.

The KOLON Group was founded in 1954, has 12,000 employees and Revenues of $10 Billion USD (Y2018). KOLON’s core businesses include PCB Materials, Industrial Yarns, Hydrocarbon Resins and Fashion Apparel. KOLON currently holds 80% of the Korean LDI market, and is committed to expanding its presence in North America. KOLON’s Philosophy: “Provide the best competitive advantage that you can to your Customers. Kolon will do everything it can to provide the best products and service so that customers can be satisfied, happy and delighted when they use our products. We should keep promises and build our Customers’ trust, no matter what happens.” For more information, visit

About Matrix Electronics

Committed to the motto: “Quality Products, Dependable People,” Matrix was established in 1977 with the objective of providing quality raw materials to the North American Printed Circuit Board Industry. Matrix has five rapid-response warehouses located throughout the US and Canada that fulfill high-quality, fast delivery, and custom orders daily. For more information, visit